'Shakin' Quake'

The embodiment of 'Bump 'n' Grind' Havana performs her signature routine, an upbeat early 60's inspired number. Shimmying and shaking her way through a purple ensemble to reveal an impressive golden goddess tassel twirling finale.

Music: 'Shakin All Over' by Wanda Jackson

Act Length: 4 minutes


A modern take on the traditional showgirl Havana glides across the stage adorn with pink and yellow feathers. Teasing the audience with sensual striptease and dynamic choreography this act is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Music: 'SuperVixen' by Ron Dziubla

Act Length: 4 minutes

'After Eight'

A timeless classic striptease and homage to the Legends of Burlesque with a nod to the opulence of the 1950's era of Hollywood film. 

Music: 'Stardust' by Doc Severinsen

Act Length: 5:30 minutes

'Good Times'

True to her name and true to her nature Havana creates a vivacious classic striptease. With plenty of sass the audience are sure to have a good time!


A fierce and feisty striptease as Havana bump's and grind's her way across the stage. An act guaranteed to break a few hearts

Music: 'Foxy Lady' by Hiram Bullock

Act Length: 6:30 minutes

'Sweet Fever'

Oozing with sex appeal this act is anything but sweet. Bumping and grinding with those signature curves Havana hyponotizes the audience and gets hearts racing.

Music: 'Black & Tan Fantasy' by Ronnie Magri and 'Handclapping Time' by the Fabulous Raiders
Length: 7 minutes

'Moonlight Serenade'

An ode to the Hollywood starlets of the Golden Age of film Havana performs a glamorous classic striptease draped in lilac chiffon and ostrich feathers.

Music: 'St James Infirmary' by Tom Jones & Jools Holland

Length: 4 minutes

Havana is also able to provide bespoke acts for your event, please get in touch for more details.

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Juliet Shalam